Birds are great in nature, but bad for business. They transmit diseases, cause structural damage and leave hard-to-clean droppings. To find the location of birds and their infestation start with a comprehensive inspection of your facility to understand feeding and watering locations, roosting, nesting, and potential risk to non-targeted species.  

Methods of bird control include physical deterrents, visual deterrents, multi-sensory deterrents, sonic devices, and trained birds of prey. Head off birds from nesting and roosting by using methods like repellents, physical control, and electronic control that make your space less hospitable.  Birds usually adapt quickly to most static bird control devices because the birds adapt after exposure to false threats. The avian control devices that are most effective either physically “block” the birds or “actively modify behavior” using a mild harmless shock.

Besides effective solutions, a successful bird management program also requires much planning and time to implement. DIY methods treat only the areas where you see an active problem. They fail to provide effective and long-lasting results. The Al Hud Hud pest control and cleaning services in Dubai provide the best solutions to your bird problems. Our experienced technicians will deliver professional service at your premise.

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