Shampoo cleaning enjoyed many years as the method of choice for carpet cleaning. Over the years more carpets have been cleaned by shampooing than by any other method. Starting with natural soaps, and then moving on to synthetic detergents, shampooing has provided a reliable, safe, and effective way to clean millions of square yards of carpeting.  

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can extend the life of your carpet, but deeper cleaning is required to keep your carpet free of microbes and germs that evolve in it and with time can cause allergies and diseases.

Benefits of shampooing carpets include

1) Wide variety of competing chemicals that can be targeted to a specific fiber or soil

2) Long dwell time of chemical on fiber compared to bonnet cleaning and

3) High agitation which can release more soils than other methods.

Al Hud Hud pest control and cleaning services in Dubai have mastered all the skills of professional cleaning of carpets in all varieties from woolen to Persian. Our experts clean all removable dirt and stain by using the most modern equipment and environmentally friendly products. The combination of these tools enables cleaning the carpet as easily as possible and makes it germ-free.

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