The housefly is found worldwide and lives in close proximity to humans. Because houseflies can carry many diseases to humans and domestic animals, it is important to keep their populations low. Three types of control methods are used to suppress houseflies: cultural, biological, and chemical. It is best to use all three methods.

Cultural control means changing the environment to prevent houseflies from developing. The best cultural method is to properly dispose of any organic matter, such as vegetables or other food by-products, where houseflies might lay eggs. Parasitic wasps and fire ants suppress housefly populations naturally. If you want to use this form of natural pest control, you can order fly pupae from insectaries. When necessary, insecticides can help suppress housefly populations. Flies that feed on the baits are killed by the insecticide they digest.

housefly control
housefly control

The most common sign of a house fly infestation is the presence of the flies, themselves. Larvae may also be seen crawling out of their breeding material as they pupate. Along with seeing house flies, people may hear them around the home. House flies produce buzzing sounds which is a result of their two wings beating together. If you suspect a house fly infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest control professional to conduct an inspection. Al Hud Hud pest control in Dubai, UAE provides the best services.

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