It is highly essential that every commercial kitchen should be equipped with a kitchen extraction system to remove grease-laden vapors from the fuel sources and cooking surfaces of cooking appliances. Commercial Kitchens use sophisticated kitchen extraction systems. In India, commercial kitchens undergo daily preparations of a large number of fried foods because of which their kitchen extraction system gets clogged with combustible materials over time due to the enormous levels of activity they encounter.

As we all know, Indians love fried foods and the daily frying contributes heavily to the grease build-up on the underside of the hood canopy, on the components of the fire suppression system, in the ductwork, and all the way up to the exhaust fan on the roof. This grease build-up is the leading cause of commercial kitchen fires around the globe. In order to remove this fire hazard, all of the exhaust equipment must be thoroughly cleaned by a professional contractor using the right chemicals and equipment.

Al Hud Hud Dubai team has vast experience in working on every type of commercial kitchen duct and ventilation system. We offer our services for commercial kitchens of restaurants, schools, hospitals, public buildings, and hotels.

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