Al HudHud Pest control’s sofa and curtain cleaning service will keep your sofa and carpet looking beautiful.

Sofa & Curtain are gone through broad utilization and subsequently face a daily mileage. Dust and dirt are different elements that add to the sofa’s harm. Ordinarily, this harm will provoke you to change your sofa in a shorter period. However, instead of buying, excellent maintenance can be a super solution. Professional sofa and carpet cleaners use the correct synthetic substances to dispose of the colors and dust and each help can give a new look to your sofa.

sofa and carpet shampooing

Utilization of excessive water can enter and harm the core of your Sofa and Curtain. This is the significant reason for damage to the upholstery in a majority of the cases. While the experts are very much aware of the amount of water to be utilized and the most ideal approaches to dry the sofa and curtain. Thus, spending time cleaning the upholstery yourself, and rather than getting it harmed, it is advisable to go for professional sofa and curtain cleaners.

Our fully trained technicians follow all major curtain and sofa manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty requirements, including those for stain-resistant carpeting. The AlHud Hud pest control in UAE provides sofa and curtain shampooing services. Being professional dry cleaners, they know about the kind of chemicals to be used depending on the sensitivity of the material of the sofa and curtain where non-professional fails.


There are many sofa cleaning companies in Dubai & Sharjah that can offer you decent sanitizing of your domestic or commercial sofa. But what distinguishes Al Hud Hud Sofa Cleaning services as the best Upholstery Cleaners for Sofas of all types of sofa & upholstery cleaning for residential properties, flats, homes, units etc., from the rest of the companies in the cleaning industry is that we have an individual approach to each customer. Professional Sofa Cleaners Our well-trained sofa deep cleaning professionals, who’ll assess every item before cleaning and select the best sofa cleaning technique and detergents or solvents in every case. So, no risk of damage from incorrect cleaning and the best possible chance of total stain


Al Hud Hud Cleaning technicians will inspect the fabric of your sofa and any stains or marks on it to determine the best combination of solvents to provide sofa dry cleaning.

Solvent Dry Cleaning:

  • A dry solvent is applied, when the sofa is delicate: 100% natural or decorated.
  • This is a non-moisture cleaning operation that hides no risk of tearing or damaging
    your luxurious sofas.
  •  These products are powerful yet safe on fabrics and non-toxic.
  • Solvents are applied to the fabric under pressure and then extracted by suction.

Foam Dry Cleaning:

  •  We firstly vacuum clean your sofa, then pre-treated to loosen dirt.
  • Foam is applied, allowed to dry then removed by a vacuum cleaner.
  • It takes around an hour for fabrics cleaned by this method to dry and be ready for use.Stain removal with hazard-free and organic detergents. All of the cleaning tools and
    products we apply are 100% safe, certified and tested.


Our Sofa Steam Cleaning services with no fuss, maximum efficiency, and the deepest
cleaning available for your sofa and chairs. You will get a very good result from our expert
sofa cleaners. We use modern tools and eco-friendly yet powerful detergents to bring new
life to your old sofa.

Our Sofa Steam Cleaning Process

Our technicians will start by inspecting your sofa and couch to ensure that it’s suitable for a
water-based cleaning system. If necessary they’ll test the fabric to make sure there’s no risk
of color run or shrinkage.

  • The fabric is vacuum cleaned to open up the pile and remove loose debris
  • Stained or especially dirty areas are pre-treated with a detergent suited to the type ofstaining.
  • The whole piece of furniture is cleaned and then the water, along with the dirt is extracted by suction.
  • Your cleaner will advise you on the likely drying time. This depends on the fabric and the environmental conditions of the room in which the cleaning takes place.

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