The cleaning interval of tanks depends on the type of tank you have. Water storage tanks can be made from bricks, polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, or fiberglass. The concrete or masonry tanks need cleaning in short intervals. Al Hud Hud pest control is a professional company that provides water tank cleaning services across Dubai.

Domestic water tank cleaning is an essential part of water hygiene. Over time, dirt, dust, debris, mold, and harmful bacteria, including Legionella, can build up in the water tank. Conducting risk assessments based on regular cleaning will remove these from the system, ensuring it is clean, safe, and compliant. 

water tank cleaning
water tank cleaning

Stagnant, low circulation water sources can be a potential breeding ground for unwanted and harmful bacteria. Stagnation can be caused by many factors including under-utilizing water, using an excessively large tank, and issues in your water system causing blockages or poor flow. 

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